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As summer approaches, apart from heat, flip-flops and ice-cream it means that wedding season is well and truly here. If you are popular, invites will be coming in thick and fast and every weekend from now until the end of August will be taken up with various nuptials. If you are one of those guys that likes to look different and get the most out of a good Instagram opportunity then of course you will need to be rocking a different look at each of these occasions. The British high street has been an inexhaustible source of great menswear for some time now, and with the growth of the Internet, boohooMAN have became insanely popular. You can see the attraction - a great and growing online presence, a huge variety of clothes and body shapes as well as speedy delivery and return options. The new selection of tailored suits are some of the strongest and most comprehensive that we have seen for some time. Here's just a little look at what we would wear if we were heading to a summer wedding, dressed head to toe in boohooMAN.

The suit

Stand apart from all your mates in a plain grey suit, with a navy double breasted. The subtle check makes it a discreet statement, the fit suits the slender and muscled among us and the double-breasted suit is one of the most rakish designs tailoring can offer.

The shirt

Are all of your mates rocking crisp white shirts, or navy blue ones? Look stylish and different with a grey one - also great for work after the wedding and tonally great for more outlandish accessories.


What says spring/ summer more than florals? A little floral touch can be a a really night finish to a simple shirt and tie with black shoes combination. We love the colour combinations and sleek design on this one. Shop our selection and more at boohooMAN.

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